Thursday, June 10, 2004

My $.02 on Reagan

So we can't deny that Reagan ended the Cold War and returned a lot of our pride in this country. He should be respected for this.

However, my thoughts turn back to a class I took in college where we took apart the song I Remember America (Windows Media link) by John Stewart, which (I believe) was Reagan's re-election theme song.

Reagan tried to make people idealize this faded image of America with apple pie, smalltown football games, Wally, the Beave, etc. Unfortunately, this America never existed. Yes, we were proud, strong and confident after WWII, but his gauzy eyed view of what America was is almost entirely based on where Reagan was from, Hollywood. Do blacks, gays, minorities harken back to "America of yore"?

When Reagan remembered America, he remembered an America where Conservatives understood everything. There were no hippies, no gays, no attention to the poor, no concern about the environment, no concerns about the Middle East, or the Third World. Reagan recalled a time when we Americans didn't worry about anything; perhaps ignorance was bliss...


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