Saturday, July 31, 2004

Only 3 answers for the Bushies

I don't think it's expanded to the mainstream yet, but there is a clear feeling among the pundits and political junkies that this race is becoming Kerry's to lose, or Bush's to steal.

Just look at these recent comments by pundit Charlie Cook (thanks to Chris at

"An axiom in politics is that undecided voters rarely end up casting their ballots for well-known, well-defined incumbents. If a well-known and established incumbent picks up one-quarter to one-third of the undecided vote, he is lucky indeed...

Kerry simply needs to come across as credible and acceptable to this group, which will only now be checking into this race for the first time. He has an opportunity to do that Thursday night in his acceptance speech.

Bush's challenge is much greater. He has to convince people who do not like what's happened for the past four years, who do not approve of his performance, and who are significantly more pessimistic about the economy than other voters to support him anyway. That is a challenge."

So Bush's options are:

A) An October Surprise
B) Messing with the Voter Rolls in a major swing state
C) An unforeseen public reaction to another terrorist attack

Only need to hold our breaths for 95 more days...


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