Friday, August 13, 2004

Don't Cry for McGreevey

Please don't give me the sob story of James McGreevey. Let me tell you the story of McGreevey if he had been straight.

McGreevey hired a woman who had no qualifications to be his Homeland Security Advisor at $110,000 per year. She failed miserably and her shortcomings were obvious to everyone. After she left the position, she decided to sue McGreevey for sexual harassment. Do you think we would have seen that press conference yesterday?

For all the 'context' that McGreevey's being closeted may have added to the situation; there is a simple reality here: McGreevey used his position as a politician to get his boyfriend a job. That's all that is relevant here. He is a slimy politician.

In fact, I feel that he has done damage to the Gay cause here. He has put himself in a position where he would hope that the gay rights movement will come to his rescue. As such, he has undermined gay rights; by using his sexuality as an excuse for making himself a victim.

McGreevey is not the victim here. The victims are the residents of New Jersey, Democrats who will get blamed for him and the greater gay community which has one more black-eye from someone using their sexuality as an excuse for their philandering. For shame...


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