Thursday, September 30, 2004

What to expect at tonight's debate.

Short answer: Not Much. Longer Answer: Lots of Spin.

The debates have essentially turned into a rapid-fire exchange of soundbites between the candidates. A great organization looking to change this Open Debate, who advocates for unbiased debates. This is not a partisan abuse - this is a bipartisan abuse - where the Republicans and Democrats have worked together to stifle debates from being real forums.

As far as tonight goes, I think Kerry really needs to point out Bush's inconsistencies and delusions. One point that I can't wait for him to make is his response to Bush accusing him of flip-flopping on the war. "You told me that we were voting for a resolution to maintain peace, that's what I voted for. When it became that I couldn't trust you, then I had to run against you. Now you accuse me of voting for the war. Are you lying now, or were you lying then, Mr. President?"

Also, I'm rather concerned that Fox News is editing the feeds for all the networks. Whenever Fox feels it is important to cut away from Bush or to Kerry, we all need to watch. This is absurd. They are clearly partisan, yet they control what the whole country sees.

This is very alarming.


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