Sunday, February 25, 2007

So What Do We Do Now?

As promised, here's my proposal for Iraq. Yes, I know that I don't know shit. That has yet to stop the President, so it's not gonna stop me.

I believe in a plan that is similar to the one proposed by Congressman Murtha last year (I'm not sure how it compares to his current proposals). The gist of his proposal, and the right thing for us to do, is to pull out of the cities in which we are constantly engaged in no win battles. By fighting the insurgents in the streets, we fight at their advantage in an environment that alienates us from the populus.

I envision us pulling out to more secluded bases throughout the country. From these bases we could still conduct our training of troops, if there is a desire to train forces without the distratcions of home. More important, our soldiers would not be sniped out everyday.

The rhetoric about Iraqifying the war has largely receeded with the latest 'surge', yet pulling back to the sidelines and telling the Iraqis to figure it out might force them to get involved. At the least, it would cause the Sunni insurgents and the Shiite agitators to fight each other without us standing in the middle.

By not committing to a full withdrawal, we are able to be mobile and intervene in situations where we believe there are international terrorists (distinct from local terrorists who are only fighting us because we're there). We can also intervene if a massacre or slaughter type situation develops. We also prevent Saudi Arabia and Iran from fully invading and fighting a proxy war.

I don't understand why this option is not more widely considered. The main failing I see is that it is an admission of civil war by Bush, and he still thinks he can with the support of the American public.


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