Sunday, June 13, 2004

Plane Thoughts - 6/10 10:10 ET

Somewhere between Buffalo and Des Moines right now, flying to Vegas.
The flight was delayed over 3 hours before we took off. Continental
has really dropped a lot in my book. Not only was the flight delayed 3
hours, they never once felt the need to inform us of anything, besides
intermittently updating the departure board. Each time it was changed
the ETD was clearly implausible. They didn't overbook the flight, they
ended up with a smaller flight than they had planned. How in the hell
does something like that happen?
Things were so ridiculous, that the counter never told anyone that a
line was forming to make sure you had a seat. They basically let the
knowledge spread by word of mouth.

Four goombas wouldn't stop yelling until we lifted off. They just
started in again.

The airline food that was served blew my mind.

First off, they served cheeseburgers. Just an extremely bizarre
choice. More weird, people ate it.

In addition to the cheeseburger, there was a small pack of Fritos, an
"Atkins Endulge Vanilla Creme Wafer Crisp", and a sealed pack with
Listerine PocketPaks inside. What an obvious yet ingenious way for a
cheap airline to save a couple of million dollars.

The Atkins Wafer Crisps were rather interesting. they were supposedly
coated in "Chocolate-Flavored Sugar Free Cooating". A very apt
description. The taste was something of an appproximation of what
chocolate would taste like without any of its enjoyable attributes.
Almost like the chocolate you can taste by imagining chocolate.

Watching Lost in Translation right now, check back in in a few.


Blogger jdladieu said...

you should be happy they didn't have airplane hot dogs.

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