Thursday, July 01, 2004

Planning ahead...

The Massachusetts Legislature voted yesterday to change the state laws on Senate replacement.

Previously, Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican, would have had the right to name the replacement to any Senator who was unable, or chose not, to finish their term. With a closely divided Senate (and the Democrats looking to have a decent chance at regaining control), the loss of Kerry's seat, were he to win the Presidential election, could have really hurt the Dems. Under the new rules, an election must be held within 160 days. Leaving the Senate with an open seat for up to 5 months and creating a situation similar to the California recall where name recognition becomes the most important factor in the election.

This is the borderline underhanded move that the Republicans have recently done repeatedly (please see Colorado and Pennsylvania redistricting or out of session court appointments). While I'm not proud that we also have to make shortsighted moves, I'm glad that we're beginning to wise up.

Where is the bottom to this downward spiral?


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