Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Would you pick an F'ing VP already?

From today's the Note

"If you have never been a would-be source for, or a reporter on, a round of veepstakes, you can't even begin to imagine the amount of time that gets wasted on thousands of daily exchanges (phone, e-mail, IM, face to face) that go a little something like this:
Reporter: What's going on?

Source: Y'all are in the media -- you tell me.

Reporter: It's looking like X (fill in name of potential Kerry running mate here).

Source: Yeah, it sure does.

Reporter: Really? Are you hearing that?

Source: Ya.

Reporter (excitedly): Really? From where? How solid?

Source: Fournier just told me he was hearing that.

Reporter: (sighs)

(Fournier is the AP's Political writer)

I think the one item of consensus is that none of us know what in the world is going to happen. But that fact doesn't sell many papers.


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