Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Trampling on the First Amendment

Everyone should read Jeff Jarvis' entry today in BuzzMachine on the Senate's "Indecent Indecency Bill". For all of us who missed it, the Senate has raised the FCC's ability to fine indecent broadcasters by a lot.

The crux of what Jarvis is saying is:

The Senate has now passed its indecent indecency bill; the House already passed its version; they'll be reconciled soon and signed by the President. And then anyone -- you or me -- who utters what the unelected FCC decides is indecent, after the fact, can be fined up to $3 million a day.

The Senate is a stinking pile of monkey shit.

As Jarvis points out, if he had said this on broadcast media he would have been liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars, personally.

It's a sad day


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