Friday, July 02, 2004

Some Independence Weekend Thoughts...

As we prepare for JFK's VP pick and enter the long holiday weekend, I hope that Dick Morris is wrong, that there is a reason Kerry is running, besides not being Bush.

The founders had a vision for our country. They were well to do landowners rebelling against England's taxes, but they wrapped their financial motives in concepts and beliefs that we all understand and value. The ability to have self-determinism. This was their reason for being, and their reason for doing. Then I look at today.

Reagan wanted to restore American pride and the we can beat anything spirit of this country. Clinton wanted us to enjoy the peace dividend, he believed that our victory in the Cold War entitled us to enjoy ourselves and value ourselves (hence, I feel your pain).

Why did Bush and Gore run? Bush wanted to 'restore dignity to the White House'. Is that a platform? Compassionate conservatism. Well that's a bit more of a platform, but it was never planned out and never existed. Gore? Why was he running again? To clean up profanity in Hollywood? For the environment, no, he abandoned that cause after he thought the public didn't want to hear about it. Oh, that's right. Gore and Bush were running because their daddies were politicians and they looked the role.

So what is Kerry running for this year? Not really sure if I know. He got into politics as a born leader, against the pointless war in Vietnam. Clearly a noble cause. As the Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor and Senator, he never had a main platform. Veterans were always close to his heart, but not his drive. And we come to 2004 and I ask, why does this guy feel the need to be President? I'll vote him in because he is less compromised than Bush is by corporate forces, but I wish the guy would let me know why I want to vote for him. Hopefully his VP choice and his nomination acceptance will clarify this for me.

Have a happy holiday, and if you got some time, think about what you would want your leader to run for. Is Edwards son who died in an accident something that inspires you? Education for all? Healthcare?

I think education is my answer, but I'm not sure...


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