Wednesday, October 27, 2004

380 Tons of Weapons

I could care less what the 380 tons are - they're gone and a lot of them have already been used to attack our troops. What this incident should illustrate for the public is the lack of reponsibility and culpability that the Bush administration has repeatedly shown. Let's review the facts:

380 tons of high grade explosives were known to be stored at Al QaaQa as recently as January 2003.

In a report that surfaced this week, those weapons are missing and believed to have been missing for 18 months.

How does Bush respond? Essentially three answers:

1. They were gone before we arrived (this has been contradicted by press reports)

2. This is a smear by the liberal media (while the timing is suspect, this doesn't address the issue)

3. John Kerry only has complaints, no answers (I'd say voting for John Kerry is a pretty good solution)

This is why John Kerry will be our next president. The President claims that he never made a mistake - yet day after day we see his mistakes on the cover of our newspapers. Confidence is nice, but blissful ignorance can only last so long - and the fuse that Bush lit in Iraq is something my grandkids will likely be living down.

The American people have had enough. This administration is like a satire - nothing is true - the bigger the lie the better. I find it ironic that Bush decries relativism, yet many of his claims require rejecting objective reality and taking his view - no questions asked. So long to the Enron president!

(And yes, that was my official prediction - Kerry with 290+ EV)


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