Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Where my money goes

Just made a couple of donations this week, and they should be my last donations before the elections.

I gave some money today to Operation Truth, a veterans organization that is looking to air advertisements to make sure they're not forgotten. Watch the ad here.

Earlier this week I gave money to Jan Schneider who is running against Katherine Harris in Florida for a Congressional seat. This race is important because (aside from knocking off the corrupt Ms. Harris who contributed to our losing the 2000 election) we'll be effectively ending her political career, before she becomes a front-runner as the Republican challenger for Bill Nelson's Senate seat. The Congressional race is close, as will be the 2006 senate race. We can laso help to recliam the house from the corrupt exterminator DeLay.

I strongly suggest that you make your voice heard with whatever you can afford to give this cycle, as time is running out. A great site that handles donations for all Dem candidates is ActBlue, if you have someone else in mind.

It's unfortunate that politics often comes down to who has more money, but at least average citizens can now take advantage of that power through the internet.


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