Friday, December 14, 2007

Is Hillary Imploding?

I can't believe that I actually feel this way, but she is acting out of such desperation I think that voters who take anytime to look at this past week would have to be disgusted.

First, Bill Shaheen implied that Obama's admission to prior cocaine use should make us worry about whether he had given it to friends, whether he had sold it, etc. All wild, racist and rehearsed bullshit. This was their attack on Obama. That he had been honest with the public over a youthful indiscretion. Now Shaheen is not a nobody. His wife is one of the most identifiable people in the state. He is extremely prominent as well. He knows how to behave when acting as a surrogate for a campaign. He's also clearly not ashamed to be the fall guy.

They fire Shaheen for the offense. But that same evening, Mark Penn (her chief advisor and pollster) is on Hardball parroting the lines. And he claims that Obama's been negative, when Obama's been running on the facts.

The whole implication of this entire incident is that Hillary is more disciplined than Obama and we don't know enough about Obama.

She reiterated this concept today on a program when she stated that she had been vetted. Implying that Obama was unknown.

This is beyond ludicrous.

1) Obama is appreciated for his candor and honesty. People like him because he is open about the good and bad in his past. Hillary isn't. So the public trusts him and they don't trust her.

2) But even crazier, she was married to the most vetted person in the country and her husband still got caught having an affair. Obama's too clean to bring this up, but the superficial bullshit in Obama's past is less offensive then her marital problems to most people. Even if they sympathize with her.

The point is, she smears him in a way that highlights her own weakness. Which puts the lie to her smear.

Which tells me she's getting desperate, because she has to know we're all fed up with these attacks, and yet she is trying as hard as she can.

After this performance, I'm really scared by the prospect of her winning. The lesson she seems to have learned from Bush is that she should try to run fearmongering, hateful, deceitful campaigns - just back them up with better policies. Bush felt the same way about himself.

Plus, now that she's playing dirty and cheap she included a smear that had racial overtones, offending a core constituency of hers, black voters.

I only hope this is the beginning of the end for her.


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