Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Media Narrative

Tomorrow Mitt Romney will address his religious beliefs in a major speech. This is being compared to JFK's speech on his Catholicism, which was widely viewed as a necessary step to establish himself as a real presidential contender.

I think it's all bullshit. For the past year plus the press has been harping on 'when's Romney going to give his JFK speech?' (I'd bet that if you googled that phrase there'd be a handful of verbatim quotes). Who cares? Mormons believe that Native Americans are the descendants of evil aliens so now Mormons don't smoke. Christians believe that Jesus was born from an immaculate conception and was resurrected and will allow all his true believers to live in some cloud like world. Jews believe that God gave an adopted Egyptian two tablets with words engraved that created society. It's all bullshit and none of the papers really care what he has to say.

The papers create a narrative (Hillary is the favorite, but first she needs to get challenged, then she needs to fight back, then by fighting back she proves she's the favorite). Romney's narrative is a great CEO with a circumspect religious belief is attacked by a lightweight Christianist (before you make fun of Romney realize that Huckabee believes the earth is under 6,000 years old), he then realizes the need to explain his beliefs. The public accepts the goodness in his heart and rallies to his side. Exeunt all.

This story was written a year ago, all that's needed is a couple of quotes (which will be provided gratis 2 hours before the speech). I don't know how the story will play out, whether Iowans will really accept him, but I do know the headlines on Friday will read: Romney addresses faith, Calms doubts.

Who cares? The guy is an empty suit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney is a "great CEO" only in the respect that he made a lot of money (a LOT of money). I'm sure the many laid-off workers of the companies he destroyed (while making money off them) would refer to his CEO-ness as something other than great.
Sure, the story of the CEO that buys companies, gets rich off of them and then demolishes them has become somewhat cliche, but that doesn't make it any less true in Romney's case.
Just thought I'd add my own $0.015.

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