Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Can we be honest for a second…Why would anybody who reads this blog possibly consider voting for John McCain?


Because he’s a nice guy? So’s the old guy who lives downstairs from me. And he’s a war veteran too! Seriously.

There’s a myth around McCain of the straight shooter. Since losing in 2000, he has consistently pandered to the far right (tax policy, religious extremists, compromising on torture), yet people seem to downplay this behavior. Almost as if we should believe that he is unchanged from the straight shooter of 2000. As if he was a straight shooter then when he believed the same stuff as the mainstream media, and now that his actions betray the previous words, they’re gonna choose to believe his older words, not the past 8 years of actions.

Let’s understand for a second who John McCain is. During the Keating 5 scandal of the mid-80s, McCain had major ties to Keating and decided that the best way to avoid being marred by association was to be completely open with the press. To his credit, he has been. However, the press gives him way too much credit for talking to them and so act as editors and collaborators in defining him as someone who does no wrong.

Let’s look at what he has said about the major current policy discussions:

On Iraq: he has multiple times said he has no problem being there for 100 years. Of course, he explains that he can see staying there 100 years if there are no American casualties, yet we need to stay until we’ve made sure that there are no American casualties. Head spinning yet? I’ll simplify. We’re going to stay there until the big serious men in DC decide its time to come home, because they have expertise. The same expertise that got us into this mess, but let’s not pay attention to that problem.

On the economy: His chief advisor on the economy is Phil Gramm, the same person who pushed much of the deregulation of derivatives that got us into the current meltdown. A month ago he said that he didn’t believe in bailing out individuals (just the multi-billion brokerage houses). Fine, if that’s what he believes then we know. But wait, two weeks ago he came forward to say that some bad mortgages the government will help. Not out of principal mind you, but the grand panderer is at it again. Then today, he seems to have said something about citizens getting 30-year fixed rate mortgages through a simple form at the post office. I think this is what he said, but it seems so nonsensical that out of any other candidate I’d assume I misunderstood it. (And I’m leaving aside his plans to extend the Bush tax cuts).

Then again, this is the man who recently said he doesn’t know much about the economy, so he was reading Alan Greenspan’s book. I don’t know about you, but my faith in Greenspan has been shaken a bit.

I understand this won’t convince some people, but I really am speechless that there are Democrats who would consider voting for this man. Sure, he seems nice enough, and yes, he was a war hero, but this is your fucking future people. Wake up!!!

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