Sunday, October 31, 2004

Who remembers Iowa

Who remembers Sunday, January 17th?  

We saw the numbers, saw Kerry and Edwards rallying - but I didn't believe it.  The indicators - endorsements, money - were Dean, and we thought that'd deliver the race.

Flashback to today, the press sees Kerry's poll numbers creeping up - yet they're stuck on the other indicators, incumbency,war-time president, etc.

Remember how you felt on January 20th?  A little stunned.  Most of you, like me, thought we had gotten too safe of a choice.  We questioned the wiseness of the caucuses.  And yes, I was a bit disappointed.

Now who remembers February?  All of a sudden we looked our candidate in the eyes - and I saw everything in Kerry that voters who got to know him (Iowans, New Hampshirites(?)) voted for.  

And now, I feel like a lot of the country will be looking at the papers Wednesday morning (yes Wednesday) with the same sense of hope, fear, questioning and curiosity about our next president.  

And I know, that before January - this country will recognize how lucky they are to have a committed, intelligent, introspective leader who has dedicated himself to this country like John Kerry.


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