Friday, December 03, 2004

Giuliani's Payback?


Being in New York, I've run into a lot of people who are surprised at how completely Rudy Giuliani bent over for the Bush campaign and totally compromised himself in the eyes of many moderates. Especially given the fact that Giuliani will never be a Republican candidate for president (being pro-choice and living with a gay couple are enough to eliminate anyone from viability), it was hard to figure why he was such a cheap whore. Ahhh, but he wasn't cheap.

Yesterday we learned the news that Bernard Kerik will be the next head of Homeland Security. This would be the same Bernard Kerik who is a Senior VP at Giuliani Partners. Ahh, the same Kerik who ran Iraq police and we know what a good job he did there. (Do you even need me to link to the articles?)

Interesting timing that Kerik gets his appointment the same day Giuliani opens a new financial consulting branch to his company.

UPDATED: Just found this nugget regarding an investment by Giuliani and co: "Giuliani Partners said it hopes to help build new markets for the products in the homeland security, law enforcement and first-responder markets."

GWB: You're welcome, Rudy!


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