Tuesday, January 25, 2005

3) What's A Republican?

It’s much easier to build a coalition than to maintain one and the Republicans are going to quickly realize this. As Bush begins to push his legislative agenda he will be haunted by demands from the Christian Right who try to claim credit for his victory and want retribution.

There’s also a large divide among the neo-cons, conservatives, libertarians and the Christian Right (ignoring that dying breed of Moderate Republican). Libertarians are isolationist and small government. Neo-Cons think it’s America’s right to save the world and meddle wherever they want. And the Christian right wants their religion integrated into the government.

Sure, there’s a lot they agree about, but they all think they have a monopoly on the party. There will be major rifts as the various factions circle the wagons for the 2008 primaries. If the President overreaches too far in any direction, the other factions are not likely to go along.


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